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Best RC submarine | FOX31 Denver

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Which RC submarine is best?

Remote control toys can be hugely entertaining. From racing through dirt and doing back flips to soaring through the clouds, you are bound to find a gadget that’s suitable for you. But some people don’t want to be on land or in the sky.

For those, the only gadget that will do is a remote-controlled submarine. As the name implies, it is an underwater craft that you control through wireless technology. So, if you are not into battleships or aircraft with cameras, your best bet will be the FIFISH V6 Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). 

What to know before you buy an RC submarine

There are different control methods

Largely dependent on the type of submarine you get, there are two different control methods. Dynamic remote control submarines are generally more affordable and can stay afloat with simple buoyancy controls. Static RC submarines are more expensive and use complex controls to remain submerged through compressed gas or a pump.

They can be expensive

As with any hobby, you must set yourself a budget and try your best to stick to it. There is a variety of RC submarines available, ranging from simple kids’ toys to accurate replicas of real-world machines. A good rule of thumb is the more complex a submarine is, the more expensive it will be.

RC submarines have a controller range

Similar to remote-controlled boats and ships, submarines have a limited range. If you stray too far from the controller, you will lose communication and the device will stop. In the case of submarines, the device might lose the ability to maintain a certain depth, and sink to the bottom. The range will depend on complexity, as kids’ toys can usually go about 20 feet before losing connection.

What to look for in a quality RC submarine

Streamlined design with comfortable controller

The power of a submarine is in the design and how water flows over the body. For maximum enjoyment, the submarine needs to be built in a hydrodynamic way to reduce drag. High-end RC submarines will be as thin or flat as possible, while kids’ submarines might have more of a whimsical design. The controller also needs to be comfortable when held, as there is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy a hobby but the tools are cumbersome.

Long-life batteries for more diving

The range of a submarine is one thing, but the batteries also play a vital part in how long the gadget can be operated. Complex submarines make use of robust rechargeable battery packs, while others use simple store-bought batteries. A good-quality RC submarine will have a run time of 15-20 minutes while top-quality gadgets can stay underwater for up to an hour. 

The number of motors will make operation easier

A car with four wheels is easier to drive than a vehicle with three. The same applies to submarines, as it will be easier to control if it has more motors. A good-quality RC submarine can have as many as four or six, while toy submarines usually only have one or two. The thrust of the motors will also determine how fast they can go on the surface as well as underwater.

How much you can expect to spend on an RC submarine

The average price of a remotely controlled submarine is largely dependent on the complexity of the design, the size and the number of motors. Kids’ toys and simple submarines retail for $10-$20, while professional submarines with cameras can retail for $1,000 or more.

RC submarine FAQ

What’s the difference between a submarine and an ROV?

A. Anything that can dive into the water and stay there is considered a submarine, but an ROV has special features. In most cases, the operating time of an ROV is around an hour and it will have a high-quality camera as well.

What is the diving depth of an RC submarine?

A. This largely depends on the type of submarine. Gadgets for serious underwater enthusiasts can dive to around 300 feet, while toy submarines can go a little over a foot or two before losing the remote control signal.

What are the best RC submarines to buy?

Top RC submarine

Best RC submarine | FOX31 Denver

FIFISH V6 Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV)

What you need to know: This submarine is perfect for those who want to see what is going on under the surface for hours on end.

What you’ll love: While it looks nothing like a traditional submarine, this remote-controlled vehicle is best used for underwater exploration. It has six motors, allowing the V6 to move in all directions with ease. It has a 4K UHD camera on the front, making it the perfect gadget to capture undersea action. The V6 also uses the world’s first motion sensor headset, so you can operate the submarine in first-person view by moving your head. It can dive for up to 4 hours at a depth of several hundred feet.

What you should consider: It is more expensive than hobby submarines, so it won’t be suitable for children or beginners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RC submarine for the money

Tipmant Mini RC Submarine

Tipmant Mini RC Submarine

What you need to know: Loosely based on the U.S. nuclear submarine design, this remote-controlled vehicle will provide hours of fun. 

What you’ll love: The submarine comes with a built-in battery, while the remote control is powered by two AA batteries. It has one motor at the back and can move in all directions. The range of the controller is 16 feet. 

What you should consider: The rechargeable battery has a run time of only 20 minutes and takes about 15 minutes to charge.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tipmant Mini RC Nuclear Submarine

Tipmant Mini RC Nuclear Submarine

What you need to know: This little submarine is capable of operating on the surface, as well as diving to a depth of a few inches.

What you’ll love: It doesn’t have an on/off switch as it automatically powers on when in contact with water. The submarine can operate in various directions up to 16 feet and uses a rechargeable battery with a run time of about 10 minutes. 

What you should consider: The battery takes about 25 minutes to charge, which is less than its operating time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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