June 10, 2023

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Should GTA Online players get RC Bandito?

RC Bandito is a really fun novelty act for GTA Online players. Sometimes a player wants to mess around in a public lobby. This is where RC Bandito comes into play. This remote control vehicle was initially part of the Arena War update in 2018.

Despite the startup costs, players can get a return on their investment with RC Bandito. It all depends on whether or not they like to screw around with other players. Of course, the vehicle’s full potential won’t be realized until it’s fully upgraded. That’s when the fun can truly begin in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal views.

Is the RC Bandito worth getting in GTA Online?


This article will let players know everything they need to know about RC Bandito. It’s a costly vehicle, so players need to consider the costs. This is only worth getting if the player has money to spend.

Where to buy and how to buy


RC Bandito can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Players will have to fork over a lot of money since it costs $1,590,000. This is some heavy cash to spend on RC toys.

However, GTA Online players will also need to have Arena Workshop. This is where they can store RC Bandito. Depending on the upgrades, the price ranges from $995,000 to $4,365,000.

Money will be the biggest issue in buying this vehicle. With that said, it offers plenty of modifications for personal use.

What is the main purpose of the RC Bandito?


GTA Online players can spawn this vehicle through the Interaction Menu via the Inventory tab. Whenever a player selects “Request RC Bandito,” their main body will disappear from the game world. They will also be off the radar in GTA Online. Now they can remotely control RC Bandito.

Of course, the modifications are what makes it stand out:

  • Three different Jump mods for evasive purposes
  • Remote explosives with a self-destruct feature
  • A choice between Kinetic and EMP proximity mines

RC Bandito is small enough to drive underneath most vehicles. However, its size can be used against it since it has difficulty going over minor obstacles. At the very least, it offers excellent handling. The vehicle also has a surprisingly good defense. It will take at least three missiles to blow it up.

What to keep in mind when buying the RC Bandito


Trolls will have a field day with RC Bandito. Despite a few limitations, it’s the perfect chaos agent for any public lobby. Most bullets will barely do anything to it. Meanwhile, it takes a few explosions for it to go down.

RC Bandito can be used to attack players without any retaliation. They will also be off the radar, so it’s great to sneak up on players.

Players will have a lot of fun with this remote control vehicle. The only ones who won’t are the primary targets.

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