June 10, 2023

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Best RC boat | Fox 59

Best RC boat | Fox 59

Which RC boat is best?

Some say those who love the water and everything about it should have been born with gills. For those that fall under this banner but can’t afford the typically high cost of water sports or don’t have a large body of water available to them, an RC boat is a great gift.

The best RC boat is the Force1 Velocity RC High-Speed Racing Boat. This RC boat is the perfect watercraft for both entry-level interests and high-performance needs with an incredible top speed of 20 mph and a high durability and ease of control.

What to know before you buy an RC boat

Types of RC boats

Scale RC boats: This type of RC boat focuses on precise historical accuracy. They aren’t intended to be the fastest options available but to be the most impressive looking.

RC sailboats: This RC boat uses no fuel source of any kind, relying on their controllable sails, rudder and the wind. You’ll need to understand how sailboats use the wind to find success with these RC boats, but in return, they require much less maintenance.

RC powerboats: Think of a standard powerboat and you’ve got the picture for what RC powerboats are. Speedy and slim, there are two subcategories of RC powerboats: racing boats and sports boats. The racing boats are, as the name suggests, meant for high octane and often professional-grade racing. Sport boats are ideal if you’re looking for casual fun. They can be powered by one of several power types.

Power options

Batteries: Battery-powered RC boats are the easiest to maintain and use, and they’re very quiet as well. They can also be used indoors since they don’t give off fumes from burning fuel, but their batteries rarely last much longer than a few minutes.


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