June 8, 2023

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Kobotix Real Racer FPV RC car is a fun take on the popular hobby

Kobotix Real Racer FPV RC car is a fun take on the popular hobby

RC cars are already a lot of fun, but Kobotix has upped the ante with the Real Racer FPV car. Combined with an app that enables recording video, taking photos, and even streaming, it’s a fun way to experience RC racing around a house or office. Priced at $150, is the Kobotix Real Racer a must-have RC toy? Be sure to hit the video below to find out.

Kobotix Real Racer: What’s included? 

Besides a smartphone, everything else you need for FPV driving is included in the package. The Real Racer comes with the car, a removable battery, a pistol grip controller, and an FPV headset. 

The FPV driving mode can be enabled from the Real Racer app on an Android or iOS smartphone. Through the app, the phone will connect to a Wi-Fi signal from the car to send the low-latency video signal. 

Additionally, the app gives some control over how the car behaves. There is a gyro mode that will help assist steering to prevent spin-outs, but I found myself preferring the normal driving mode after spending more time driving the Real Racer.

Kobotix Real Racer: Controller overview

Taking a look at the controller, it has the common design of a pistol grip with the accelerator controlled with the index finger and a wheel on the side that controls the steering angle. 

On the top and sides of the controller are even more dials and buttons for controlling top speed, steering trim if it feels like it is pulling to one side, max steering angle, and even taking pictures or recording videos. These are great additions to have at your fingertips on the controller for on-the-fly adjustments.

Kobotix Real Racer: Driving impressions

At full throttle, the Real Racer is fast. Topping out around 9.3 mph, it’ll zoom around

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