June 8, 2023

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Best RC boat | CW39 Houston

Best RC boat | CW39 Houston

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Which RC boats are best?

Few people can afford a boat, but most people can afford an RC boat. These small remote or radio-controlled toys are a great way for kids, or just the young at heart, to captain their own vessel, even if the body of water in question is the family swimming pool.

There is an impressive range of RC boats on the market, with models for curious novices and serious enthusiasts alike. Our top pick, the Force 1 Velocity RC High Speed Racing Boat, is a great choice for both and can reach speeds of 20 mph. Whether you’re shopping for a child or for yourself, here’s what to consider when purchasing an RC boat.

What to know before you buy an RC boat

Sailboats vs. powerboats

There are two types of RC boats: Sailboats and powerboats. Sailboats have actual sails and rudders, just like a real boat. They are powered by the wind and closely mimic an authentic sailing experience, but might be less exciting for small kids or novice users. They definitely require a much bigger learning curve.

Powerboats run on battery power, although a few models use gas or nitro. There are powerboats that mimic sailboats but are easier to use if the wind doesn’t go your way. There are also powerboats built for racing and speed.

Hull shapes

Hull shape affects the performance of both boat types but is an especially important consideration for sailboats. Remember that the bigger the boat and the more intricate features it has, the more difficult it may be to store or clean properly.

Most RC boats are

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