June 10, 2023

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Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

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Mattel’s Hot Wheels has been, and continues to be a successful toy franchise of cars and accessories that most little boys enjoy playing with. But to attain the status of the “big boy” toy, or one of the ‘best rc toys’, Hot Wheels has to offer even more…as in being able to actually MAKE the Hot Wheels car. They have to compete with the best RC cars for kids after all. So say hello to running your own assembly line with the Hot Wheels Car Maker Play-set.

The Car Maker Playset is over a foot tall, designed to resemble a futuristic 2 story “garage” and its handle at the top reminiscent of the legendary Vac-U-Form. However, unlike that device, the Car Maker Playset is safe to the touch, even when the electric powered “oven” is melting the stick of wax that becomes the body of a car. And since everything is digital now, there’s no surprise that light and sound effects and even voice prompts accompany the entire process, making it not only safe but near impossible to do wrong. For preschoolers, one of the most engaging toys that provides games that revolve around an education subject is the one described in the Fisher price code n learn kinderbot robot toy review.

Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset Review

So having unpacked the Car Maker, I stood it on a table and plugged it into a wall outlet.  A disc on the front immediately lit up, the front-mounted door popped open and a digital male voice told me to insert a mold. Not ready to do all that, I searched in vain for an “Off” button and had to settle with

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