June 10, 2023

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Best Radio-Controlled Cars for 2022

Best Radio-Controlled Cars for 2022

Every car fanatic’s obsession started well before they were old enough to get behind the wheel. So a radio-controlled car was just about the next best thing. But just because you’re old enough for the real thing doesn’t mean that zipping around the backyard and racing your buddies with an RC car isn’t still loads of fun. And being an adult means you finally have your own money to spend on all the things you wanted as a kid. Plus, radio-controlled cars have gotten a lot more awesome than they were when you were a kid.

The selection of remote control cars available for the RC enthusiast now is broader than it ever was, too. You can get hardcore on-road remote control car racers in both battery-electric and nitro fuel (i.e. gas-powered), two-wheel-drive stadium trucks and buggies, monster trucks, drift cars and even rock crawlers with locking differentials and portal axles. For the more aesthetically inclined and fanciful, there are the wild creations from firms such as Tamiya, and that’s before we even talk about the vehicle’s size and scale.

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Getting into remote control cars can be intimidating, but we’re here to help, so strap in, charge those radios and get ready because these are our favorite radio-controlled cars. Our best remote control car picks range from a high-speed toy car to a rough terrain rock crawler.


Kind of like real cars, RC cars are specialized. On-road radio control touring cars are low to the ground and fast as can be, while rock crawlers are slow and capable of climbing up just about anything. Somewhere in the middle of those two extremes lies the Traxxas Maxx. This monster truck has big tires

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